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As a freelance writer I write on a variety of topics, but addressing the needs and concerns of women in midlife and beyond is what really excites me as a writer. There are a lot of women writing and blogging about aging and menopause; there is an absence of practical information and advice for women around sexuality and women's sexual health. My mission is to help women embrace their sexuality through communication, personal exploration and resources and expert advice. I want to challenge the stigma that exists around sexuality and help to promote healthy sexuality, which incorporates talking about STIs and safety. I am the Sex Expert columnist at BetterAfter50.com and was chosen to be one if the 2013 Sex Blogging Superheroes by Kinkly.com. I have a Masters in Educational Psychology with over 10 years working in the field of violence against women, both as a director of a sexual assault crisis center and as a board member on the local and state levels in Alabama and Virginia. I am a divorced woman, grandmother and strong advocate for women.


Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Blog

Walker addresses issues of sex and aging, that are rarely covered.  — Jenny

Walker is the "Sex Expert" on Betterafter50.com, and she does an amazing job tackling issues like women's health and aging in addition to issues that some women are not always comfortable talking about: sexual health.  — Mindy

Walker is a fearless advocate for midlife women's sexual health and well-being. Her honesty and superb writing have made her a leading voice in the category of women's sexual well-being and happiness.  — Sharon

She cares, is well informed and current on today's topics.  — Lewis

She's willing to write about important health topics that reach out to women, particularly women in menopause. She addresses topics and concerns often not talked about.  — sheri

She encourages women every day and provides important health advice and support.  — Lois


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