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Co-founder of I created this on-line resource to help spread awareness of celiac and non-celiac gluten-sensitivity and provide tips for living a gluten-free lifestyle. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Lactose Intolerance after years of experiencing gastro issues and fatigue. The lack of awareness, even among some medical professionals, ignited my passion to spread awareness so others will recognize symptoms and pursue a timely diagnosis to avoid further health complications. I am a wife and mother of twin boys, and we share our home with our favorite Australian Labradoodle, Maya.


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She manages CeliacCorner, and online information and support page for people with Celiac Disease.  — Jen

Paula has helped people with celiac or those that feel they might have Celiac, by posting on Facebook, her website and tweeting up to date information on symptoms, foods to eat and avoid, and restaurants to go to all over the world that offer gluten-free dining. She is a great support for the Celiac community.  — Lisa

Paula Gardner has worked tirelessly to bring attention to Gluten sensitivities and Celiac Disease. After being diagnosed Celiac she has been on a devoted mission to help others navigate the world gluten free. Her website is packed with useful tips and information regarding the subject. Hers is one of the better sites I have seen.  — Isabella


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