Andrea Hardaway

Patient Leader

When my Mom began to have trouble speaking in 1997, I thought it was a temporary condition. When she spoke, she would feel like she was being strangled. Eventually, she was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia (a vocal disorder). We connected with others and realized... Regardless of the diagnosis, the challenges of living with limited voice are the same. I wanted to let those impacted by voice problems know they still have a voice in this world that matters tremendously. This year, I led an initiative for the first-ever international summit for vocal disorders. With nearly 3,000 participants, we brought medical experts and patients together to offer a rare insight and expertise.


Chattanooga, TN

Past Awards Participation

First Annual Health Activist Awards


Advocating for Another

Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards


Advocating for Another

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Advocating For Another
Andrea Hardaway

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