Jenni Grover

Patient Leader


Chicago, IL


Best in Show: Community or Forum Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Lifetime Achievement


Best in Show: Community⁄Forum

She has been a life changer for so many women. She does a YouTube video every wed with upbeat suggestions to help us with chronic illnesses. Sends out many emails filled with so much advice or other sites to help with other issues She has literally saved my life. She makes us with chronic illnesses to get up each day and be happy  — Cheryl

She has a great facebook page. The conversations on there are so supportive. We all help each other. Atleast 20 posts of support are given to any one persons issues or questions. And Jenni always help each single one herself

Jenni is the best! She uses her personal pain and experiences with illness as a catalyst to help others. She shares her knowledge of living with chronic illness through her weekly videos, giving solutions and smiling support to women everywhere.

So positive and educated. Tries to help millions suffering with chronic pain. Very creative!!! Approachable!! Her transparency is inspiring!!  — Susan

Jenni has the best support group and many other projects she works with. She has a team behind her that must be VERY dedicated to be able to stay up with the many things that Jenni needs done.  — Cheryl

Jenni is known on YouTube for her few minute suggestions and information on something one of her members might need a explanation for. But her A.W.A.P. Is her star on the map of YOUTUBE. As Well As Possible is on every Wednesday. It consists of a 4-14 minute video put on by herself with the greatest information tip needed  — Cheryl

Jenni is full of so much information on all aspects of health conditions, she adds this flare of laughter at the appropriate time when she is explaining something. She makes you learn so many tips and stuff and while you are learning important advice you are laughing at the same time. She is just so funny at any time she can make us all laugh .  — Cheryl

Jenni runs Chronic Babe - a vibrant community of chronically ill women. She fosters support, compassion and education, and ensures the resources she shares are factual and accessible. She works so hard to support women living with chronic illnesses.

Jenni makes weekly videos called A.W.A.P (AS WELL AS POSSIBLE). She picks a subject and gives advice on it and ways to get through when our diseases are active. They are short but full of information  — Cheryl

She takes her commitment to help us very seriously but always adds a bit of laughter with her work. Laughter is the best medicine and Jenni gives us plenty of it  — Cheryl

Jenni makes a short you tube video named. A.W.A.P (as well as possible) weekly. She gives us ways to get through the times when our diseases are active and she makes sure to help us realize we can do anything we want to do even though our diseases sometimes interferes with our everyday lives  — Cheryl

A terrific blogger with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses who supports women and men with chronic illness through her blog / FB / videos and more, now completing a book that also supports caregivers. Hugely active, warm, caring and a role model for all she recommends as well as for the elusive and often challenging task of self-care.  — Veronique

Jenni Prokopy is the founder of ChronicBabe, a kick ass blog that aims to help others have an amazing life in spite of illness. This patient leader raises awareness, shares her personal experiences and helps her followers gain a new confidence to be fabulous despite what life throws at them!  — Erin

Jenni is an amazing person and advocate for those with chronic illness. Her impressive blog and Facebook group helps women every day. She connects people. She teaches others how to live an incredible life in spite of chronic illness. She is a natural speaker and leader and a terrific person. She has devoted her life to improving the lives of others  — Emily

Jenni is wonderfully, authentically colorful, unassuming, and opens up her life for us all to share, laugh, cry, and bond. Her energy - even on the bad days - is hopeful. Jenni is inspiring in ways that are indescribable, and her advocacy lights a way for us all. She is, in all ways, a hero.  — LM

Jenni has completely turned my outlook on life with chronic illness+pain on its head and showed me that I’m not alone. Before I met her, I knew absolutely no one who understood what any kind of chronic illness or pain was like. Jenni created an online community for chronic babes to connect, support and be inspired by one another.  — Marcie

Jenny Grover put out amazing content. She has videos, interactive Facebook live, blogs, and she offers in depth coaching sessions if you would like. She is a huge advocate for anyone with a chronic illness and is extremely dedicated to the cause  — Kristan

Jenni Grover is hilarious! She doesn’t mind being totally open and honest about her own life situations, whether it’s an awful doctors appointment, or insensitive comments, or an awesome experience. She has a wonderful sense of humor, which really helps the medicine go down  — Kristan

Jenni has created a community from her website over to the Facebook - both her main page, and closed groups for her membership programme and Chronic Babe 101 book group page are filled with uplifting and supportive comments inspired by her work. She makes social media a nice place to go.  — Gemma

Jenni has taught thousands of people with chronic illnesses how to live your life with zeal, how to advocate for your illness, and how to stand up for yourself whether to family members, the general public or even healthcare professionals.  — Gemma has grown since 2005 to become an amazing resource for people with chronic illnesses. It has grown to include facebook groups, membership groups, and her book. She has selflessly given away so much support and resources for FREE to this community whilst maintaining her authenticity and an ability to speak to everyone individually.  — Gemma

Jenni is amazing and has helped me and many others so much. Earnestly through every medium, I don’t know how she does it but she keeps rocking it with kindness, empathy, humour and practical actionable steps. I don’t know where I’d be without the support group and everything she has put together to help us lead the best lives we can!  — Dianne

Jenni goes above and beyond for her community. She walks the walk and does it with grace and good humour.  — Kate

Jenni goes above and beyond for her community. She approaches chronic illness with grace and good humour and teaches others to do the same.  — Kate

Jenni inspires from the heart - she's an advocate who gives presentations, a blogger with supportive, low cost communities for learning and growth, an author who published a book with helpful tips and honest dialogue about being sick yet still walking your path, and walks her talk as she keeps working with her own health and self care.  — Veronique

Jenni Grover

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