Jenni Grover Prokopy

Health Activist

Jenni Prokopy is Founder/Editrix of, where she draws on her experience with fibromyalgia & other conditions to teach women to craft incredible lives in spite of illness. She tweets @ChronicBabe, speaks onstage across the country, consults with amazing clients, and wants YOU to have FUN even if you’re sick! For 25 years (the past 14 as an entrepreneur), Jenni has enjoyed success as a activist, writer, editor, and consultant, helping women share stories of strength, wellness, and inspiration in the face of adversity. ChronicBabe's offerings include a website, forum, multiple social media presences, a weekly video series, free newsletter & much more.


Chicago, IL


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Best in Show: Community⁄Forum

She has been a life changer for so many women. She does a YouTube video every wed with upbeat suggestions to help us with chronic illnesses. Sends out many emails filled with so much advice or other sites to help with other issues She has literally saved my life. She makes us with chronic illnesses to get up each day and be happy  — Cheryl Ann Obrien

She has a great facebook page. The conversations on there are so supportive. We all help each other. Atleast 20 posts of support are given to any one persons issues or questions. And Jenni always help each single one herself  — Cheryl Ann Obrien

Jenni is the best! She uses her personal pain and experiences with illness as a catalyst to help others. She shares her knowledge of living with chronic illness through her weekly videos, giving solutions and smiling support to women everywhere.

So positive and educated. Tries to help millions suffering with chronic pain. Very creative!!! Approachable!! Her transparency is inspiring!!  — Susan

Jenni has the best support group and many other projects she works with. She has a team behind her that must be VERY dedicated to be able to stay up with the many things that Jenni needs done.  — Cheryl

Jenni is known on YouTube for her few minute suggestions and information on something one of her members might need a explanation for. But her A.W.A.P. Is her star on the map of YOUTUBE. As Well As Possible is on every Wednesday. It consists of a 4-14 minute video put on by herself with the greatest information tip needed  — Cheryl

Jenni is full of so much information on all aspects of health conditions, she adds this flare of laughter at the appropriate time when she is explaining something. She makes you learn so many tips and stuff and while you are learning important advice you are laughing at the same time. She is just so funny at any time she can make us all laugh .  — Cheryl

Jenni runs Chronic Babe - a vibrant community of chronically ill women. She fosters support, compassion and education, and ensures the resources she shares are factual and accessible. She works so hard to support women living with chronic illnesses.  — Carly

Jenni Grover Prokopy

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