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I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2003. When I had my first surgery in 2013 to remove my colon and form an ileostomy I decided to start my blog So Bad Ass. Since then the blog has had over 3 million views and I have spoken at events all over the world. I share my story because I remember the feelings of devastation and isolation when I first went through surgery and if I can help one person to come through that dark time, then it will all be worth it. I am a mum of three teenagers, I am from Sheffield, UK and I am also a radio presenter for BBC Radio Sheffield and a community officer for the disability charity Scope. I run So Bad Ass to raise awareness of life with an ostomy bag and Inflammatory Bowel Disease and chronic illness. I hope my story can help others all over the world.


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Best in Show: Blog

Her absolute possitivity in what she is going through with her stoma (at her age)  — maureen

Sam has been through a lot. UC, ileostomy, J pouch. Rather than moan about it, she's blogged about it so others can learn from her experiences, good and bad. Big in spreading the word, small in moaning about her issues.  — Dave

She is an inspiration to others for invisible disabilities. Her openness and honesty have made a difference to people all over the world  — Lisa

The first other person I heard of, when I had my Stoma was Sam Cleasby who was in a magazine article I read. She gave me the strength to except my bag and I have watched her work tirlessly for 15 years now on social media and tv , trying to raise much needed awareness. During this time she has had many operations, but continues to give others hope  — Tracey

Sam has endured so much herself in the last few years, both medically and personally. She maintains her blog as a support to other suffers of a variety of chronic illness and raises awareness of conditions - the physical and psychological issues amongst non sufferers.  — Heather

this lady is a true inspiration and an amazing advocate for people with invisable illness and chronic illness she works so hard even though she is dealing with her own health issues  — Trudi

So Bad Ass

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