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Empowering individuals and communities through yoga and mindfulness. Yoga Activist is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that equips yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts and social service organizations with the skills and resources to share yoga in diverse communities. In addition to offering affordable donation-based outreach teacher trainings along a sliding tuition scale, Yoga Activist offers free online educational resources to prepare and support those engaging in yoga service. Yoga service is the culturally sensitive sharing of yoga and yogic meditation, philosophy, and breathing exercises as practical tools of self-empowerment, self-healing, and coping. Yoga Activist works with military personnel, individuals experiencing homelessness, individuals facing addiction, trauma survivors and various other underserved communities across the country. As an online community, Yoga Activist supports connectivity across the yoga service community by: -Sharing best practices in the field of yoga outreach and service -Providing outreach program set up guides for aspiring or newer yoga service teachers -Assisting social service organizations that would like to integrate yoga into their existing services and connecting them with dedicated yoga teachers and understudies -Facilitating mentorship opportunities by connecting aspiring or newer yoga service teachers with more experienced yoga service teachers -Maintaining up to date listings of yoga outreach volunteer teacher positions and trainings -Sharing relevant news to the yoga service community and featuring diverse yoga outreach teachers and students on the blog -Recognizing excellence in the yoga service field by featuring experienced yoga service teachers in the “Featured -Teacher” portion of the website, granting small financial awards to several Featured Teachers annually -Assisting yoga research projects and providing surveys to measure yoga service program effects and efficacy -Awarding yoga mats to qualifying outreach programs through our mat donation program Every being deserves the holistic benefits of yoga. Our purpose is to share this with others.

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