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Monika Zands is an executive business consultant and life strategist and loves to help people tap into their greatness and develop a mindset for success. Her gifts include powerful intuitive guidance, collaborative communications skills, and successful process and systems creation and management. Monika's elite clientele include small businesses, corporate executives, college grads, olympians, professional athletes, coaches, mompreneurs, and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their life and business to the next level. Monika uses her broad range of training, including a Master's in Spiritual Psychology, and an array of practical and experiential processes to support her clients in finding focus, balance, and a zest for life. She engages her clients in thought-provoking inquiries, inspiring them to look at things in ways they never have before. To tap into your greatness visit Check out Monika's videos on YouTube, participate in any of her upcoming events, jump into one of her classes, watch her inspire an audience, and read her books and magazines!


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Monika is a devoted wife, mother, and triathlete. With the nickname ‘Walking Love’, she supports her clients by helping them recognize their own greatness and experience a sense of heightened confidence, joy and contribution in their lives.  — Rachael

Monika Zands tirelessly support and helps thousands of members in her online community to live a healthy active lifestyle. She supports their nutritional awareness, their fitness plans and options to collaborate and interact with their community and provides ways to interact globally. Monika is one of the most engaging and encouraging people I know and stands for inner and outer health for all people.  — Monika

Monika Zands enhances peoples lives with the love she pours into them, the education and resources she provides, and through the content she creates. She is dedicated to making a difference in peoples lives by teaching them how to see their greatness. An avid triathlete, mom of three, and healthy lifestyle coach Monika takes health to a new level.  — Monika


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