Pat Wetzel

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The Anti-Cancer Club™ grew out of my own personal experience with cancer. In June 2009 I was diagnosed with nodal marginal zone lymphoma (MZL). MZL is a rare non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Because this is an indolent lymphoma, I was especially motivated to create an anti-cancer lifestyle. But what was that? Among the many papers, books and studies, Dean Ornish's study on men with prostate cancer impressed me. He found that lifestyle factors--nutrition, exercise, stress management and connection with others--actually changed one's genetic expression. That meant that one's health, and the chance of remission, may be tied to a healthier lifetyle. David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD came to similar conclusions. In cancer, I think there is a binary decision to be made: either you take charge, or you don't. Taking charge of one's health is the only option. I founded the Club to help others find a path towards health and a place for connection. Through our free newsletter, we offer weekly, actionable ideas for creating health, getting fit, and finding peace. Visit us at or on at

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Pat Wetzel

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