Lisa Reinhardt

Patient Leader

After 11 years living in Asia studying meditation, I came back to the US and searched for a way to share what I had learned. I discovered that by letting chocolate melt in the mouth (instead of chewing it), people were able to experience the foundation of meditation in an effortless way. Even better, by using organic dark chocolate that is dairy free, gluten free and GMO free, people are able to make a positive impact on their health by eating chocolate on a daily basis. We've had many cases of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, substantial weight loss, improvement in skin conditions, balanced blood sugar and improved sleep, due to the special ingredients we infuse in the chocolate. With the proper knowledge, people can enjoy chocolate guilt-free, and have it be part the path to health & wellness.


Best Kept Secret

Incredible experience in Asia & doing solitary meditation retreats in caves - now creating healthy dark chocolate that encourages people to have more meditative moments in life.

Lisa Reinhardt

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