Brynn Clark

Patient Leader

Even SuperHeroes chug mocha-vodka-valium lattes, right? RIGHT? This mom of 5 "gets" the challenges of raising a family, working and trying to manage an autoimmune disease that affects not just myself, but my entire household. I advocate for resources, for information, for knowledge, but more importantly (in my opinion) the realistic journey of life with chronic illness. I strive to promote "healing through art" and my ever-evolving "#gladitude" project: I verily believe that managing a disease requires WHOLE body care, and that includes your mind and your spirit. I write it like it is, because I live it like it is. The key component of my advocacy is just that: I choose to *live*...come along for the ride, but keep your arms and legs inside the blog posts at all times!! ;)


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She always looks on the bright side of her ailments and still manages to make everyone around her laugh with her blog posts. An exceptional sense of humour through devastatingly hard health issues.  — Edain

This blog gives me the strength to deal with my own unseen disability and the issues I live with daily. Pattie Rocks.  — Christine

I have known this courageous woman for many years now,and she never fails to inform on her ongoing fight with lupus,or sharing new info she has found...she ROCKS!!!  — David

You are an inspiration to everyone who just has a hard time getting up everyday and continuing on. Thank you for the hard work!  — Pamela

She smiles in the face of anything and is a real super hero, and on top of all that, ensures her 5 children are nurchured and loved, and is always putting everyone ahead of herself.  — Heidi

I am eternally grateful for Pattie Brynn, this blog and all that they have given me in the last 2 years that I have known her and read her blog.

She may find the humour in the day to day, however it is her realness that has made a difference in her life and she shares that openly with others.  — Wendy

I met Pattie at the funeral of a dear friend we shared in the lupus community. She was full of spirit and love, and I am glad to have gotten the chance to know her.  — Kata

Fun, funny and always VERY REAL, Pattie keeps us entertained while educating us on lupus, diabetes and more. From her Gladitude Project, which is inspiring and reminds us to appreciate the happy moments & little victories in life, to her ponderings while cleaning cat s**t from the garage, she is hilarious & endearing. Thank you Pattie! *jazz hands*  — Maranda

Brynn Clark

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