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My name is Kat and I talk about things that no one really likes to talk about...which is basically pee & poop :) In 2008 & 2009, I was diagnosed Gastroparesis & Colonic Inertia (which came along with health issues, such as anemia & incontinenece...Yay!) As of 2014, I'm livin' life with a total gastrectomy (no stomach) and an ileostomy (no colon.) Some say it's a loss, but I feel it's been a gain. I've learned about humility, courage, strength and that I really do like eating cheddar cheese out of a jar. I hope you get to know me because I'm always looking for new friends (anyway they can) to join the fight for awareness :) Take Care Kat


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From the description of this award category, the winner is deserving of attention but has yet to receive it. The website Mycrazycolon.com is deserving because it highlights an illness that the vast majority of people don't know about; subject matter that people don't like to discuss and difficulties that many cannot relate to. It's done tastefully and from the heart - not for self promotion or commercial gain and that to me, and I'm sure to your voters, is the type of site that fits the spirit of this award and is deserving of more attention as this year's Best Kept Secret.  — Randall

I'm proud of my site. Last year, I was nominated for a Youtube award and was a finalist. Yay! But, had to back out because too much was going on, I had one of the BIGGEST decision of my life to make regarding my ostomy. To keep it or go back under the knife. I chose surgery and everything changed, and so did my site, and I want to honor that :)  — Kat


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