Kelly Crabb - #purpleproject

Patient Leader


Green Bay, WI


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Best in Show: Facebook

Our daughter, Kelly Crabb, has Crohn's disease. She was diagnosed in her junior year of high school. She has an amazing attitude and such a great sense of humor to get through her daily struggles. Her determination to help others and bring awareness to Crohn's disease to the general public is just a start! She is an inspiration to so many! I know she is my hero.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Kelly is AUTHENTIC. This girl is realer than real 100% of the time and uses that authenticity to remind others they are not alone. I don't know anyone more deserving or "qualified" to be named a health activist hero!

I’m nominating Kelly because in my opinion, she’s what a patient leader is. She doesn’t hold back from showing the real patient experience. Leading by example, and giving courage to those who may not be ready to share their story.  — Angela

Kelly Crabb - #purpleproject

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