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Our Mission: The Young Women of Color Health Advocacy Coalition is an organization for, and of, young women of color that fosters their development in organizing and advocacy skills. Our HIstory: The YWCHAC was first convened in December 2005, in response to the steadily increasing HIV rates among Black and Latino youth in NYC. Of new HIV infections that occurred in 2009, 22% were between the ages of 13-29; 63% Black and 29% Hispanic women account for only 32% of the New York female population, but together they represent greater than 80 percent of New York women living HIV/AIDS. NYC leads the nation in the number of reported AIDS cases among 13-24 year olds. Preliminary findings suggest the importance of addressing underlying socioeconomic issues that can interfere with a young person’s ability to make healthy choices such as incriminating policing policies, poor youth-adult relationships, and financial literacy. YWCHAC is committed to addressing the challenge of educating young women of color about HIV/AIDS including other health factors that are critical to their development as youth. Community outreach and advocacy skills are essential in addressing health issues affecting youth. YWCHAC principal philosophy is based on three pillars: community involvement, activism, and mentorship. The young ladies in the program are given the tools to flourish into self-motivated members of their societies through a hands-on approach that emboldens their inner leader, allowing them to be sources of inspiration for their peers. As a result, the ladies who graduate our programs go on to college and continue in service-oriented fields such as public health, public policy, law, and cooking!


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YWCHAC is an organization for, and of, young women of color that fosters their development in organizing and advocacy skills. ThisThe organization consists of both HIV positive and HIV negative young women who have been meeting weekly since October 2006. They assist in – identifying the goals and program priorities of the Coalition and the development of activities and events for young women of color. They attend the Summer Advocacy Institute, an 8 week program where 25 young women of colorare provided skills to mobilize peers to speak out on issues that put them at risk for HIV/STD infection, unintended pregnancies, and drug abuse.  — Claire


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