Patient Leader

Just one part of a bigger machine that does it's best to bring help and support to others. A little irreverent and to the point because I never see what is gained by beating around the proverbial bush. As much as I love my work and all those people I meet and support it is my belief that people like myself really should have NO ROLE to fulfil. If all services operated in a fair and open way that those accessing them, or in need of them, could understand and not be 'hoodwinked' then there would be no call for advocates to have to stand up for and support them. I'm not actually sure how you 'show people what you do' as that would mean sharing peoples details and information. The majority of my work is done out of sight so being nominated for something like 'blogging' which is a very public thing does make me scratch my head!

Past Awards Participation

Third Annual Health Activist Awards


Best Kept Secret Advocating for Another

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