Judi Lecoq

Patient Leader

Since 1997, my official unwanted companion has been Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I haven't been very welcoming, but it just won't go away! 2010 brought me my first Adult Stem Cell Treatment and my life changed. I decided that I had to share my experiences through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Circles and my own website at www.judilecoq.com. I also write a column for www.msnewschannel.com. And through my advocacy work, I was introduced to the founder of www.multiplesclerosisradio.com, and I became the director of the radio station and a board member of www.msstation.com. I still struggle with this disease everyday but there is hope and there are answers out there. If I can make a difference in this fight, I will do it. It is not for me, it is for all of us.


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Judi Lecoq is a Phenomenal Woman! She Advocates and Educates daily on Stem Cells Treatment. She is a true Pioneer. Judi's ability to effectively share her benefits of Stem Cells treatment has encouraged others to experience this life changing procedure. Judi has gone above and beyond when she bought her tremendous insight and experts to Multiple Sclerosis Radio. Her efforts have increased her ability to reach out to the community immensely!  — Rae

Judi Lecoq

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