Pamela Sloate

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Best in Show: Blog Hilarious Health Activist Mr⁄Ms. Congeniality

Pamela is a tireless campaigner and an inspirational lady.  — Claire

Outstanding healthcare advocate and coordinator. Does more than anyone I know to put dystonia on the map.  — Edward

I am nominating Dystonia BloggerMania because it is a celebration of Dystonia Bloggers shaking up the Internet! This group encourages us to write our life experiences with dystonia giving support to all dystonia sufferers.  — Divanicio

Inspirational essays with self effacing humor that anyone with dystonia or other movement disorder can relate. Never ceases to amuse the reader.  — Edward

Pamelas blog is inspiring, informative and a fantastic read! I'm always checking for updates and love the way she can address Dystonia with both seriousness and hilarity. Its inspiring.  — Rebecca

She brings awareness to this hideous disease in a amusing and interesting light. Keeping the reader tickled but educated!  — Rebecca

Because her site is fabulous  — Roxene

Pam's lived with dystonia for most of her life, and she handles it with such grace, strength and wit. Her blog, "Chronicles of a Dystonia Muse," is a reflection of that. It's a must-read for anyone living with a chronic illness or anyone with a loved one who is.  — Allison

Pamela Sloate has Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder which has impacted her life tremendously - and by that I mean she has transformed her physical limitations into a blog which brought a previously little-known disease out of relative obscurity to a worldwide audience, uniting a community all the way to the Today Show last week.  — Richard

Pamela is an extraordinary health advocate and her blog goes a long way to take dystonia out of the category of "orphan disease."  — Edward

Pamela Sloate

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