The Lupus Effect

Patient Leader

My name is Brenda Campbell and I have SLE Lupus, along with many secondary diseases. I remember the fear, confusion, emotions, pain, etc. which flooded me hearing my diagnosis. What was lupus? I had absolutely no clue. Since my diagnosis I have made it my goal to help as many people as humanly possible to understand what lupus is. It's not just about us being patients, it is about our family, friends & caregivers. They too have a to they help someone who has a disease they know nothing about? Hopefully by sharing how Lupus has effected our lives...we may help others suffering with Lupus and their family and friends to get a better understanding on how this chronic disease effects us all. And, by spreading awareness we can all help to find a cure.


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Tirelessly engages patient community and empowers other patients leaders. Provides latest Lupus-related news and research, supports other organizations without ego, and injects healthy dose of humor!  — Joey

The Lupus Effect

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