Joyce Marter, CEO of Urban Balance

Patient Leader

I have been a licensed psychotherapist since 1998 and believe in de-stigmatizing mental health issues and making therapy accessible and affordable for all. I founded Urban Balance in 2004, a psychotherapy practice with 8 locations in Chicago and one in St. Louis. My goal is to continue to educate and normalize mental health issues via my writing, speaking and trainings and to make Urban Balance the first national provider of insurance-friendly counseling services. I am a two-term Past-President of the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association, Past-President of the Illinois Counseling Association and Chair-Elect of the Midwest Region of the American Counseling Association.


Chicago, IL

Past Awards Participation

Third Annual Health Activist Awards


Health Activist Hero

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient
Joyce Marter, CEO of Urban Balance

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