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Advocating for Another

My father, Hugh, was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in 2002. He suffered a severe traumatic brain injury requiring longterm recovery with no guarantees. Rosemary stood by his side as a strong wife & mother, & played a very active role in his road back, never dwelling on the question why, but instead what can I do? To raise awareness, gain support, & connect with others affected by TBI, Rosemary speaks at all kinds of events across the country & runs a caregiving blog for She has written a memoir about our family's experience & of her personal journey as a caregiver entitled Learning by Accident, which will be released in March of 2014. Her willingness to remain raw and vulnerable so that others may find comfort is something I admire everyday. She never turns her ear or refuses a question. She responds personally and whole heartedly to each and everyone who reaches out to her. It is an honor to call Rosemary Rawlins my mother, and a true priviledge to have her as an advocate.  — Mary


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