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East Lansing, MI


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Blog

Dean finds numerous honest-to-goodness valuable research papers on stroke and related topics and publishes them on his blog. They are indexed by topic if the reader wants to read about a particular area. Dean highlights sentences he thinks are important. Dean includes his thoughts on certain areas, which I find valuable.  — Judy

Dean is trying to motivate stroke medical professionals to actually solve all the problems of stroke, the goal is 100% recovery for all. Not the tyranny of low expectations the stroke doctors and therapists try to get stroke survivors to accept. He points out lots of research needing followup and the need to write stroke rehab protocols.  — Dean

With the WHO stating that 1 in 4 persons will have a stroke and 10 million survivors a year. Since Stroke recovery is pretty much non-existant, only 10% fully recover. Dean points out all the research that needs to be followed up to create stroke rehab protocols, solve the neuronal cascade of death and create a strategy to get all survivors to 100%  — Dean


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