Elizabeth V

Patient Leader

After her 2009 mastectomy, Elizabeth parlayed her 30 years as a medical writer into providing educational resources for those following in her path. The mission of her endeavors is post-mastectomy empowerment; her educational hub is BreastHealing.com. Elizabeth encourages post-mastectomy women to prepare proactively for their mastectomies and to live life fully and joyfully afterwards despite the challenges and obstacles they face. Women consistently express their appreciation for the positive impact that her writings have had on their healing and recovery. BreastHealing.com topics include self-help for post-op healing and recovery and what to look for in a premier breast rehabilitation program. It includes education about the final stages of breast reconstruction—nipple reconstruction and tattooing. It helps women with fashion choices, especially for those choosing to live flat without reconstruction. A developing topic is breast deconstruction for those who have failed reconstructions.

Past Awards Participation

Third Annual Health Activist Awards


Best in Show: Google+ Health Activist Hero


Best in Show: Pinterest
Elizabeth V

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