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Jacob Moore is a filmmaker, public speaker & founder of NoStigmas.org, a global peer support network for mental health and suicide prevention. After losing his father to suicide at age 6, Jacob grew up plagued by debilitating anxiety and depression. Ashamed, he became an expert at hiding his mental illness for over 20 years. This practice cost Jacob countless jobs, numerous relationships, his home and very nearly his life. Hitting rock bottom after landing in jail, he finally discovered the power of peer support. Jacob created NoStigmas in 2011 as a place where people could connect, share their story and learn about mental health without feeling alone. Jacob lives in Los Angeles. Ø


Chicago, IL


Health Activist Hero


Health Activist Hero

Since 2007 Jake has been working to eliminate the stigmas of mental health. #nostigmas is growing fast and making real change happen.  — Harriette

Jacob Moore has created a strong but gentle voice in an otherwise absent conversation about mental health. Through Nostigmas, I have met incredible people with even more incredible stories. It has given our community hope for wellness and simply celebrate life. I hope it can be recognized and find continued support, it truly saves lives. Thank you  — Elizabeth


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