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Health Activist Hero

Dr. Lovell Jones has been a advocate for the health of the medically underserved and marginalized for 30+ years. When he created the Center for Research on Minority Health in Houston, Texas it was with the expressed intent to eliminate health disparities in minority populations locally and nationwide. The research that was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Jones saw the development of strategies that promoted the health of the public including many global communities. Not only has Dr. Jones personally contributed to the advancement of population health but he has also built a lasting legacy through his mentoring efforts thereby creating a pipeline of students of all education levels poised to investigate and eliminate health disparities. Not only had Dr. Lovell Jones broken barriers in the fight to eliminate health disparities he has also broken career attainment barriers as the 1st African American Full Professor of MD Anderson Cancer Center. It is with honor that I nominate Dr. Lovell A. Jones  — Dee


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