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His twitter feed is full of helpful tips, race recaps, product reviews, and links to help other runners.  — davidgraves_

As an Instagram follower of Mr. Graves I am inspired everyday by his motivation to stay active. He's a huge kinesiology tape enthusiasts and has been volunteering his services with helping in person at expos or via FT even skype to help anyone in need of taping help. He has been featured as Nike runner if the week (October 2012) as well as Further Faster Forever athlete of the week. Mr. Graves has been in a run streak for the month of December in Alabama and doesn't seen to let the cold weather in the winter months slow him down. For mor on Mr. Graves please check out his Instagram page at davidgraves_.  — Lizette

David Graves is a huge inspiration for so many reasons. He leads a healthy active lifestyle, connects with his audience by posting comments of encouragement, and he has a positive attitude of sharing the love of sport. David is one of my favorite IG'ers because of this. His creativity on IG is unmatched. Kind-hearted, down to earth, positive force in this community. Bam! That's why he gets my nomination!  — gina

He is always inspiring & motivating others.  — Emz

David is the man with the photos! He is a part of an amazing community of fitness enthusiasts (Further, Faster, Forever) and he is a leader in all aspects. Through his pictures, actions, words, and heart, he brings the community together for the sole purpose of celebrating one another. Thanks David for all that you do.  — PavementRunner


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