Michael Wood

Health Activist

Michael Wood, CSCS is the Chief Fitness Officer at Koko FitClub and founder of the Sports Performance Group. Michael is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and has been involved in the fitness industry since 1988. He is in the business of changing lives as a health/fitness blogger and through Koko FitClub, a digital gym with more than 125 fitness franchises across the U.S.


North Attleboro, MA


Health Activist Hero

When I think of a Health Activist Hero, Michael Wood's name is the top name that comes to mind. He constantly works towards encouraging people to live healthy and active lives, through daily nutrition and exercise tips. Everything I know about eating healthy and staying fit is from him and he teaches me something new every day! He is a true hero.  — Julia

Michael Wood is an nationally recognized personal trainer who is passionate about fitness and healthy living for all. He is truly committed to promoting better health through his daily advice on fitness, nutrition, and healthy habits that he shares through social media and his blog. Michael is truly a health activist hero!  — Lora

Mike is a motivational coach

Michael has counseled tens of thousands of people who otherwise would not have gotten on the road to better health. There are many trainers out there but Michael is a rare breed - passionate, understanding, and at his core, a mentor for many who have failed on their own or been failed by another "expert". He is catalyst for change for so many.  — Timothy

Michael Wood

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