Patient Leader

Focusing on Family, Lifestyle, Health, and Creativity, Travis’ Mindbloom Life Tree reflects his dream to be an awesome husband, dad, world traveler, and….rock star…. a healthy rock star…. with a six pack. As CTO & VP of Product and Engineering, Travis oversees “getting stuff done” at Mindbloom where he works with an insanely cool team building fun wellness mobile apps (e.g. Juice, Bloom*, Proof! and Momentum - The Journey). Prior to joining Mindbloom, Travis created a medication adherence, escalation & care-provider app to help his father manage a complicated Parkinson's medication schedule. In recent years, Travis founded FriendsForMinecraft, a social network platform and add-on to the popular Minecraft game, and co-founded, a mobile solution for parents to book baby sitters more efficiently. Travis practices a "work hard play hard" philosophy and does not believe there is such thing as a bad day of fishing.

Past Awards Participation

Third Annual Health Activist Awards


Geek Health Activist

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