Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

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We are a nonprofit organization compassionately dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by testicular cancer; educating others about the importance of awareness and early detection, and continuing to save lives. Our primary focus lies in the promotion of the Testicular Self Exam (TSE) to men of all ages. While it cannot prevent the disease, performing a monthly TSE is critical to early detection to testicular cancer, which can help prevent the need for chemotherapy and other, more aggressive treatments. We are dedicated to bringing education about TSE to school aged men and breaking down the barriers of silence surrounding men's health. Too often, young men are afraid or ashamed to talk about testicular health. The consequences of not speaking up can sometimes be fatal. We also help to navigate patients to the best protocols for testicular cancer that yield the best outcomes. Because testicular cancer is not as common as many of the other cancers, some medical facilities are inexperienced in the treatment of this disease and maybe unaware of the most effective protocols.We help to provide the newly diagnosed with access to the most knowledgeable medical centers to help them beat this disease quickly and effectively. Through our resource information for financial assistance, we help to empower new testicular cancer patients through the use of online fundraising tools. We also provide limited funding to those in immediate financial need. On social media, we strive to connect newly diagnosed patients and their families with others who have walked the path before them. Many people are unaware of how many people have been effected by testicular cancer, and often feel alone as they start their fight. Aside from sharing information and resources, we have built a powerful community that reaches out to others with support, information, and personal testimonials. We all learn and grow together!

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Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

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