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KFA is a tremendous support system that is there for families and individuals with food allergies. Not only is it a support system, kfa provides resources for those navigating the allergy world. It's a 24/7 support system with people that get it.  — Elyse

The Kids with Food Allergies Foundation staff works hard to build awareness about how to keep families managing food allergies safe, happy, and included in their communities. They are HON-Certified, and take that commitment seriously.  — Jessica

All of Kids With Food Allergies Foundation's Blog posts are written by food allergy community stakeholders, including allergists, school nurses, allergy friendly cooks, etc. They are timely, encouraging, and based on peer-reviewed clinical guidelines.  — Jessica

There is no better community of supportive parents who seek to provide practical experienced-based assistance to families managing food allergies, to keep their kids safe and healthy.  — Jessica

Lynda Mitchell is a role model for advocates in the food allergy community. She conducts herself with poise, grace, and compassion. She educates and enlightens and has done so for many years. Lynda Mitchell works tirelessly and gives selflessly to the cause of children with food allergies.  — Selena

Kids With Food Allergies/Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

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