Julie Ryan

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Her blog is dedicated to educating and providing awareness of fibromyalgia and related issues; she also works with Answers.com on the same. She is a fellow fibro warrior who gives her time and insights in spite of her own struggle. I can think of no one who deserves this better than Julie.  — Beverly

Because she is the best and gives so much attention, knowledge, care and understanding to help others gain the knowledge they need.  — Margaret K

Julie's blog is frequently updated with very relevant posts about Fibromyalgia. She features people with Fibro and is current with self-helps and research. She's very active in awareness and helping others.  — Jennifer

Julie's blog/website is a great resource for those fighting fibromyalgia. She also raises awareness by sharing their stories in her Fibro Warrior Wednesday feature. She is very active on both Twitter and Facebook in sharing info to help others who face the same struggles as she does.

Julie is a juggernaut on multiple social media sites, but the weekly fibro fighter interviews and other various articles on her blog make her a great help to numerous chronic illness fighters. She's about as involved as a person can be when it comes to helping and raising awareness.  — Nick

Julie provides a broad variety of advice on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and TMJ. Her advice is not only effective for those with related issues, but also for those around people affected by these health conditions. She constantly strives to provide a new perspective on dealing with these life-changing health conditions.  — Paul

Julie is a great health activist who not only shares her own experiences but also provides great advice through her blog. I love her upbeat and positive attitude to life with chronic illness.  — Donna

Julie has connected so many chronic sufferers through her constant efforts across social media. Her Counting My Spoons blog, Twitter and Facebook sites prove how much she cares, and sparks discussion, dialogues and unity of support for all who are known as "spoonies". Thank you Julie for giving us your spoons of time, energy and compassion!  — Michele R

Puts in a lot of effort to unite the chronic illness community on a daily basis. Tries to find them paid reviews for health products they can participate in, help with blogs and more.  — Sheryl

Julie Ryan

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