Patient Leader

In December 2011, I got hit with viral meningitis, and my life went from sad to amazing in about a month's time. Since then, I've devoted the rest of my life to showing people how to live healthier, manage their stress, build authentic and integrity based relationships, and have happy and hope-filled lives. My work is my passion, and my passion is my work! My life is wonderful because I made it this way; I show thousands of people how to create the same things for themselves. Life is love! TEDx Speaker. SheEO. Named by HuffPost as a Top 50 Health Tweeter. Host of TV Healthy, RPTV on Rogers Channel 10. Lifestyle Cheerleader. Healer. Author. Love.


Best in Show: Community or Forum Health Activist Hero

Tash is an incredible human being with a big heart. Shes a relationship driven professional that is changing the health space everyday. As someone who's participated in her programs, and witnessed the impact she's made online, I can tell you right now the entire industry is in for a shock.  — Basim

Lifestyle Cheerleader, Sustainable Living Advocate and overall awesome person. The work of Tash Jefferies is making a difference around the world through her inspiring words, actions and healing practices. As one of Huffington Posts top 50 health tweeters she shares inspiring knowledge daily but also shares her wisdom through inspiring blogs, free courses and events. She's passionate about spreading joy and holistic healing one person at a time.  — Chivon

Tash walks the talk in her everyday life as a Health Activist Hero. She is one of the most positive and inspiring people I have ever met. Her commitment to wellness, and to empowering and positively impacting the life of every person she encounters is done with grace, heart and ease.  — Tanya


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