Elizabeth F. Harrah

Patient Leader

I'm a happy Yiayia with six grandchildren that was an ER nurse until a GBM decided to take residence in my right frontal lobe in October 2011 and end that aspect of my career. Now I am a retired Oncology nurse by default learning as much as I can about brain tumors, advocating for my patients and the caregivers, children and adults; educating the public and my outreach consists of traveling to those who cannot move due to deficits. All while fundraising for research to find a cure, we can't find one fast enough.


Lebanon, GA


Best in Show: Community

Liz manages a Facebook group for people diagnosed with GBM brain cancer. The group was formed in 2013by a GBM patient who has since died. Liz has managed to keep the group true to the founder’s idea of a safe, nonjudgmental place for people diagnosed with GBM to come together in mutual support and respect and discuss anything  — Beth

Elizabeth F. Harrah

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