Mika Bullock

Patient Leader

Gastroparesis warrior I am. I was diagnosed in early 2018 . I am a childcare provider and I am the founder and CEO of my community organization ALSW which is Amazing Little Strong Warriors . I tend to children who have cancer , autism, many disabilities and chronic and terminal illnesses. I provide to children all over the United States. I believe that pain is real and so is hope . When I sit and create amazing care packages for children I make sure I let them know it's always a rainbow at the end of the storm . If all I can do is make a child smile then I am forever content and I know my work is done . My uncle has Cerbal Palsy and he has helped me advocate so much about CP , I lost my grandfather to cancer in 2017 and he is the inspiration behind my organization and lastly I focus on mental health within children and adults as my late aunt suffered from mental illness and it runs in my family . I always tell people it's okay to not be okay because things always get better . I set time aside to talk to each child and or adult and just be the ear all people need . I always say you never know what a person may be going through, some people can look okay but keep down they aren't. As a advocate for children with chronic and terminal illnesses, and disabilities, as an advocate for adults my goal in life is to bring a basket of HOPE into these amazing warriors lives along with a dash of love , a bucket of smiles and a box of JOY. Despite what I face I still remain strong and fight through whatever I may be going through , I can be in my hospital bed nothing stops me from spreading awareness to mental illness, down syndrome, childhood cancer and so forth.


Frederick , MD


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Mika Bullock

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