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I am a dedicated, compassionate, intensively focused and driven patient who became a visible and vocal patient advocate for rare cancers like mine. I am suffering from advanced stage 4, neuroendocrine tumor cancer. I am dedicated to raising awareness and promoting education and helping to raise funds to help facilitate research and find cures. I felt compelled to do something profound, so I created, submitted and lobbied in CT, public health bill 6522. This bill is considered grass roots advocacy for Net Cancers, but also other cancers considered to be rare. This bills passage will benefit the patient and medical community at large. Preventative, proactive care care through education, awareness and knowledge is the RX for saving lives. I am using my personal medical experience as a catalyst for positive change and outcomes. My compassion for my fellow human to not let what happened to me ever happen anyone is one of my purposes and mission. I suffer horribly and it did not have to be this way. I am doing all that I can as quickly as I can in the most strategic ways so as to make a difference and bringing forth critical mass awareness of this cancer and educating physicians, medical community at large and the public at large in this process. What I am doing goes way beyond the scope of this health bill. I am in the midst of several projects and plan on moving forward with my advocacy efforts nationally. I also will work closely with affiliated organizations the FDA and NIH in finding ways to increase critically needed funds to be allocated to Neuroendocrine Cancers. There is virtually no funding from government for research and cures. This is changing slowly by voices being heard like mine. It is nothing short of a miracle that I have come so far in such a relatively short period of time. I have had many medical hurdles to contend with throughout my journey into Cancerland. It has been very challenging and bittersweet. Thank you. Greta


Berlin, CT


Lifetime Achievement Patient Leader Hero

Greta has NET--a rare form of cancer that slowly grinds away at everything ghat makes a human being a human being., Despite that, she has worked tirelessly over the last three years to pass legislation in CT requiring doctors receive training in diagnosis of rare cancers as part of their continuing education. The law will serve as a template.  — Harry

Greta has been a strong person fighting nueroendocrine cancer and has been a huge advocate for helping others and promoting for the cure to end this horrible cancer.  — Paul

With all Greta Stifel has gone thru, she has never given up and fought for others.  — robert


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