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I nominate GIGI because she is constantly working on making life easier for people on diets or people who just want to be healthy! She gives out tons of free content and also makes an amazing magazine you can purchase! And she never settles for less than the best!  — Kayanne

Gigi offers top notch and well researched advice, and receipes for those who have Celaic Disease. She offers a free receipe of the week for those who sign up and many articles as well as downloadable subcriptions or Living Without Magazine. A lady who is dedicated to a much needed cause and awareness for those of us who have Celiac Disease. I appreciate her very much!  — Evon

Gluten Free Gigi and her team provide top-notch info on eating and living gluten-free, backed with recent and thorough research and a whole lot of caring. I love how Gigi uses many online avenues, such as Facebook, to poll her followers for their interests and to respond quickly and with compassion and detail to their questions or concerns. With her enthusiasm, she has helped so very many people not only adapt to but embrace healthy and informed gluten-free living. Including, among other things, encouraging and informative daily e-mails, frequent fun and picturesque facebook posts, and a detailed and ad-free digital magazine, the entire Gluten Free Gigi package is priceless!  — Jill

Gigi Stewart educates people on how to live gluten free. She educates on Celiacs disease and gluten sensiruvuty and helps by giving recipes that are gluten free and gives so much freely to help and support those who have to live gluten free. She has a monthly magazine that is very educational on how to live healthy lifestyles, especially those who have to live gluten free. She has a facebook page and a newslttter also that helps support those who live a gluten free life. She backs her knowkedge by sciince and not opinion. She is a great support.  — Shannon

Gigi has been consistently dedicated to advocating for individuals with celiac disease and multiple food allergies for eight years. She uses her research science background and down to earth charm to share health, wellness and nutrition information freely with anyone who needs it.  — Magnolia


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