Awestomy Ostomy Apparel

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Awestomy provides ostomy undergarments and wraps to help individuals with an ostomy feel more secure and confident. All of our products have pockets to hold an ostomy pouch. We have multiple colors and patterns to make ostomates feel they not only have something comfortable, but also fashionable. Our business serves also as an online support group & we support IBD & ostomy non-profits each month.


Fishers, IN


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Jason is always a positive, fun-loving, and - yes - nerdy force to be reckoned with in the IBD world.  — Andrea

Awestomy is a great place for ostomates. Whether it's for apparel that makes you feel confident, funny memes, awareness spreading. They started the right to remain sexy campaign that brought ostomates from around the world together and made a wicked awesome poster of it :) Great Job!!  — Jen

Awestomy Ostomy Apparel

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