Jesse Marimat

Patient Leader

Jesse is a patient advocate who demonstrates strong leadership and communication skills. He has been the premier volunteer bay area representative for Global Genes since 2012. He has also been a recruiter for the Asian American Donor Program since 2008. Jesse has been featured in the rare disease media outlet "The Rare Disease Report" speaking on his condition and the future of rare disease community. As a patient living with a rare blood disorder, Jesse aims to raise awareness for different rare diseases by running distance races to draw attention to a cause. He knows he will not always be able to have the stamina to run, so he never misses an opportunity to seize the moment. Jesse has created and integrated a passion project called "Next Level Advocacy" which is geared towards young adults, to raise awareness for charitable causes via fun, unconventional means. Modeling, creative arts, long distance running events, and body art are all aspects of the program. Jesse's hope is to create a non profit organization for those with rare blood disorders. By building a network through social media, shared resources, patient-provider matching and creating a community for those in the rare disease space; his aim is to build connection in the rare disease space.


San Francisco, CA


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero
Jesse Marimat

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