Denelle Crespo

Patient Leader

I am a chronically ill Educational Specialist (Special Education Teacher). I am a spontaneous cerebral spinal fluid leaker, which makes me adapt my life to better accommodate living a mostly horizontal life. As well as overcoming many obstacles with comormid conditions that accompany connective tissue disorders. My goal is to continue to keep advocating for my own medical care, supporting others along their journey as well. I make it a point to spread awareness for invisible illnesses, being very transparent of my own health battles. It’s been an honor to be nominated as a Patient Leader!


South San Francisco, CA


Patient Leader Hero

Danielle is absolutely amazing! Not only is she actively trying to help people understand the difficulties associated with CSF Leaks and the horizontal life that they often have to lead, but she makes herself vulnerable about how hard it really is for her sometimes. It's not easy being vulnerable and still championing ahead, but she does!  — Michelle

Denelle has faced debilitating, exhausting pain and side effects (losing her vision!) since she was 15 years old. For the past 6 years she has had countless Dr visits, treatments, hospitalization, procedures and the pain continued. And yet, she remained positive and hopeful, encouraging her supporters (true!) she is courageous and an inspiration!  — Kelly

Denelle Crespo

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