Hannah Setzer

Patient Leader

Hello! My name is Hannah and I was born with a medical condition called Cystic Hygroma of the head and neck. I eat exclusively through a feeding tube and breathe through a tracheostomy tube. I am on a mission to build an accessible fitness empire for all levels, skills, and abilities. I believe in choosing joy, telling the hard truth, and cheering each other on. I'm so grateful to be nominated for this award and so glad you're here! Thank you!


Richmond, VA


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Instagram

I've learned so much from her FB page! I also appreciate that Hannah is willing to answer any question, fearlessly and unflinchingly.  — Amanda

She is the most genuine, caring, honest to goodness human ever. She cares so much for others. And her sassiness is refreshing.  — Esther

Hannah Setzer

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