Mia Gaudenzi

Patient Leader

My name is Mia Gaudenzi, And I am from Toronto, Ontario! My story begins the day I was born although no one knew it yet, I was incredibly ill. At 3 years old I began getting frequent pneumonia’s and doctors couldn’t figure out why I was so unlucky. Mom and I would make regular trips to the ER for answers and receive the same answer over and over “your daughter is fine, she’s just caught a virus, don’t worry too much” so after many google searches and symptom checkers my mom had unofficially diagnosed me with life threatening, terminal Cystic Fibrosis. Later on genetic testing would confirm that diagnosis and my life changed forever! Over the years I have spent much of my childhood in and out of hospital and my declining health became the deciding factor that lead to homeschooling which has further isolated me and prevented me from growing up and having that normal childhood I so longed for. This past year I was also diagnosed with severe juvenile idiopathic scoliosis. My spine had bent into an S shape and required an immediate spinal fusion for fear that it would soon crush and affect my already frail lungs. This past year I have become increasingly involved with my hospital, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and have been an ambassador beginning just this year. I represent the Cystic’s fibrosis, Scoliosis and allergy immunology departments and share my story, speaking at various fundraising events in hopes of encouraging new donors to help us in our fight against all paediatric Illnesses and diseases. I have been working along side the Sick Kids foundation in what is known here as the biggest fundraising campaign in Canadian healthcare history; the VS campaign. I am also a Cystic Fibrosis advocate and a public speaker for Cystic Fibrosis Canada. We are currently working on an advocacy campaign to present in the fall Federal Election, advocating for drug access to vital, life changing medications here in Canada.


Toronto, 08


Rookie of the Year

Mia has become a strong new leader in the Canadian cystic fibrosis community. In 7 months, Mia has been a key note/special guest speaker and advocate for cystic fibrosis Canada And has spoken an 11 events! An ambassador for her local hospital, raising awareness and funds for CF research and care. Helping with the CF Canada social media!

Mia has broken out of her shell and has been a keynote speaker at 12 conferences and events as an ambassador for both her local hospital and Cystic’s Fibrosis Canada in the last 7 months, raising awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis care and research!  — Pamela

Mia Gaudenzi

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