Andrea Wesche

Patient Leader

We started as a simple Facebook group that focused on memes and being able to have humor when dealing with chronic illness. Over the last year, we have grown to over 14,000 members and are one of the most inclusive communities for "endofam". We welcome trans endofam, patients, partners and loved ones. We laugh, we cry, we vent, we support. We operate on the principle that our disease affects us all differently, and not all treatment options are available to every patient. We work to help members make the best decision available to them, and understand that their decision is theirs alone. We have realized our success as a Facebook group is fantastic, but opportunities to truly help our community are limited, and so have laid the groundwork for a non-profit that will focus on assisting endometriosis patients navigate their journey. This nomination is so very important to all our admins, and exciting for our whole community. We do all we can to support and advocate for our members, and are exited about the opportunity to be able to do even more.


St. Louis, MO


Best in Show: Facebook Best Team Performance

The admin team of the Facebook group Endometriosis Memes Community does an amazing job at advocating for not only endometriosis, but a plethora of other conditions as well. In addition to their advocacy efforts via their online support group, they have implemented in person support systems around the world and are founding a nonprofit organization.  — Endometriosis Memes

Andrea Wesche

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