Brianna Cardenas, PA-C, ATC

Patient Leader

As a Physician Assistant with EDS and a CSF leak, my goal is to raise awareness about these conditions both online and amongst my colleagues in the medical field. I now work as a professor in a PA program and teach my students about EDS, CSF leaks, and other chronic illnesses and how they impact patients. I am grateful for my perspective from both sides of the stethoscope and will continue to advocate for better healthcare for all of us!


La Verne, CA


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient

Brianna recently acheived her goal of becoming a PA & will impact the lives of her students drastically. This is a huge goal for anyone but she did it all while fighting her own chronic illness. She's a med professional who knows what it's like to be a patient & a provider. Brianna will raise compassionate PA's who know about EDS & so much more!  — Megan

Brianna is a chronic illness patient and healthcare provider. She has worked in the pain community using her knowledge of holistic care to help patients with chronic pain and navigating the healthcare system. She is sharing her knowledge as a professor for physician assistant students to emphasize pateint-centered care. She is an amazing advocate!  — David

Brianna Cardenas, PA-C, ATC

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