Chronically Lea

Patient Leader

In April 2018 I was running 8 miles a day. By May a short hike left me breathless and exhausted. By June the peripheral edema left my feet cut from my shoes. By July I was pulled off work because of vomiting and passing out. By August i couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs. By September it took an hour to get out of bed. By October i was in the hospital in cardiac distress. I was then diagnosed with chronic pericarditis. November came around and i was in the hospital more than i was in my classes, and the POTS diagnosis came in. But i still had so many unexplained symptoms. Fast forward to January I’m diagnosed with Lupus. And just a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danles Syndrome. Learning to live in a body that can no longer do many daily functions had been difficult, but it has been with the support of my friends and fellow spooners that I have been able to persevere.


Blacksburg, VA


Patient Leader Hero Rookie of the Year

Lea has endured a lot over the past year and did so with grace and endurance. To my knowledge she asked for no special considerations or favors. She worked hard at the culmination of a sprng semester class to make it a success for those involved, and it was very much appreciated. She is special because of the person she has been forced to become.  — Peggy

Chronically Lea

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