Mia Maysack

Patient Leader

Mia is an avid human activist and revered voice in the world of advocacy. Prior to her pre-existing conditions worsening, she worked as an educator, a dedicated member of a dynamic nursing team and was in pursuit of a medical doctorate. She has since begun transforming pain into power which has evolved her life's mission: to be a guide for others in doing the same. A passion for wellness became her career when she took on entrepreneurship in the form of becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner at Peace&Love as a Whole-Being Life Guide. After just shy of two decades battling through her own pain journey ~ *Keepin' Our Heads Up* [ KOHU ] was created, a Support Network for the chronically ill and those otherwise lost or hurting. She previously served as the esteemed Chief of Information for The Cluster Headache Community, is a columnist for Pain News Network, an ambassador at U.S Pain Foundation as well as support group leader with Pain Connection, hosting a call every 3rd Thursday of the month.


Madison, WI


Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret

Ms. Mia works tirelessly as a passionate patient advocate. Her KOHU Advocacy/Support Network is a place of respite, comfort, advice, support & understanding for those living with chronic pain- found no where else on the web. Mia's creation offers a community to those who need & deserve it most. The philosophy: Forever together, Never Alone!  — Adam

Mia Maysack

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