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When one of my daughters (my second child) was diagnosed with autism I turned to the internet to learn. I could not find any real life autism parent testimonials online. This inspired me to share my journey. A few months before officially starting with YouTube, my oldest and youngest were also diagnosed with autism (in addition to their sister) and I began to share our lives. I remember how terrified I was of the unknown and not knowing exactly what our lives would entail. The things I did know, I wanted to share in hopes someone else wouldn't feel as overwhelmed as it can be the moment you hear your child may have special needs. Although it has its challenges, the triumphs heavily outweighed them and I just had to let the world know that family life could still be AU-some. Three years later and I receive countless messages, many containing "Thank you for sharing and showing us there's more to just the label of autism." I am humbled each day and so happy to share everything from the hard days to the most rewarding. I feel as an autism mom it is my duty to advocate for not just my children but for others just like them. The more awareness means ACCEPTANCE and that is truly what this world needs.


Modesto, CA


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Youtube

This channel has taught me a great deal about the spectrum and how to navigate parenting special needs. It’s really opened my eyes and given new perspective on the autism spectrum.  — Kenny

She has 3 special needs child. I'm also special needs and she is really calm and patient when her kids are having a meltdown and just not having a good day. She is a good mother and her husband is a good father. I really wanna meet them because i love little kids i only play with little kids and kids that's special because older kids is mean to me.  — Destiny

Elizabeth has three kids with autism n works with them very much n has done a very good job. She's very active in the autism world. She has a video on youtube called our ausome life n it's wonderful to watch n see how she has worked with her kids n love that she has in doing this.  — Sheryle

Our AUSome Life

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