jason is a social scientist

Patient Leader

for 1001 nights i have taken my hiv medication live on the book of face in front of friends family and strangers...i do so in order to embrace stigma dispel ignorance and find support if i’d have people take only one thing away from my show...it would be the knowledge that hiv is preventable...i spend up to 4 hours each night teaching people about #PrEP #PEP and #UequalsU my videos on facebook have garnered millions of views and a community of almost 14000 people has followed my page on facebook...each of them able to tell their friends family and health care professionals about the advancements in hiv prevention...many of the people have been following the page for years and provide me with an endless supply of support in addition to swallowing my medication live on facebook...i also take my showers live on facebook...as a registered nurse with 13 years of inpatient experience...i am a mental health professional...but i am also a patient i have had 5 of my own psychiatric hospitalizations...i experience depression, anxiety, and ptsd...and i know if i haven’t showered in 7 days there is a good chance that i am depressed...so for me not showering is depression not showering, not checking the mail, not going out with friends, not going to work...that is depression...40000 unread emails and a full voice mail box...that is depression...depression is a series of missed appointments and disappointments rather than beating up on myself for all of the things i am not doing...instead i choose one small achievable goal that i can do...and for me that goal is to shower when i was still working...one of the things i would teach my patients is to pick someone they trust and cares about them to hold them accountable with positive reinforcement...by going live each day with both my pills and my showers...i implicitly give the audience permission to hold me accountable i am honored and grateful to be nominated...thank you for your consideration


Madison, WI


Best in Show: Facebook Advocating for Another Hilarious Patient Leader Best in Show: Community Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret Rookie of the Year

Jason has created his own online community, where people can talk about anything without fear, can ask questions and not be judged. Hes bought a load of people together, and helped alot of these people. His live shows are definitely something to tune into  — Cher

Jason is an funny & intelligent man that has become very popular on Facebook with over 13.000 followers.His followers come every day to watch and interact with the 4 hour show. Jason was diagnosed with HIV approx 3 years ago and since then Educates many thousands of people on HIV. We followers have learnt so much from him. His show is life saving.  — Sue

Jason is a wonderful person who not only spreads love and a positive attitude in the face of his diagnosis, but seeks to educate others on HIV/AIDS, the myths and truths surrounding the disease, and the ways HIV negative people can protect themselves. He uses his Facebook show to reach out to people to encourage others to educate and stay positive.  — Jennifer

Jason created one of the most important platforms ever in order to address the stigma, that after all these years, still surrounds the mere mention of hiv/aids. Information and knowledge is the only cure for this stigma! Thru humour, compassion, thru good days and bad, we follow our friend as he informs and share his life as hiv+. A worthy nominee!  — Bodil

Jason is one of the most honest and respectable people I Know. Not only has Jason informed me on so much about HIV, prevention techniques, and daily self care techniques, but he has changed my outlook on life overall. He deserves this more than anyone I know and i really hope you consider him as a nominee. He needs something like this.  — Samantha

He is a mentor to for HIV health care and medication  — Mel

Jason, is a psych nurse of 13yrs who has also been a patient of mental health services. He has been living with HIV for 4yrs. He advocates for education & awareness for both; battling the stigmatism of each in real life as well as thru his daily/nightly “lives” on Facebook (later uploaded to Youtube). Jason is truly a hidden gem.  — April

He is hilarious and he makes me forget about this disease  — RUDO AVILINAH

he is just amazing. Jason , on his facebok page, he has encouraged people to never miss a dose.  — RUDO AVILINAH

jason is a social scientist

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