Kristin Anthony

Patient Leader

Hi, My name is Kristin Anthony and I am honored to be nominated as a Patient Leader Hero. I entered the healthcare world when I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2009. At that time, I was also experiencing breast health issues and my Mom had been diagnosed with her first breast cancer. I felt that something was not right, and started to research and ask questions though I was cautioned against doing that. I happened upon a rare genetic syndrome called Cowden Syndrome which results from a mutation of the PTEN Gene. I met many of the criteria and still had difficulty getting someone to listen. As it turns out, I was right and I do have a PTEN mutation. Patients with our disease are at high risk of developing breast, thyroid, kidney, colon, endometrial cancers and Melanoma. For reasons unknown many of our kids also have Autism with some being severe. I have had cancer three-times and have gone through two preventative surgeries and lost my Mom to this disease. I refuse to let that steal my joy! When I was diagnosed in 2011, there was little to no information or support available. I chose to change that and our foundation was born. Today, we have grown five fold plus since inception and awareness has improved greatly. I left my role as a medical practice manager to focus full time on the foundation because the needs are great. The work load is huge but we will not rest until our community has treatments available. We believe our disease is under diagnosed based on the rapid growth and are working hard to make sure people are diagnosed early and to ensure that we are helping advance research. We instituted our tool box approach to accelerate research. We developed a patient registry, a biobank (in development), our Centers of Excellence program to elevate care, and are working on our 3rd International Symposium. Our patients matter and we can make an impact. This opportunity means a lot to our community, and believe if I am chosen; support will grow. Thank You!


Huntsville, AL


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero

Kristin is a 3 time cancer survivor who tirelessly advocates for other patients in the rare disease category. She lost her mother to breast cancer and turned her pain into a foundation helping in upwards of 2,ooo patients.  — Andrea

My Mom is incredible! She works late nights to help her community and truly cares about every family. I am proud of her! Morgan  — Morgan

Kristin Anthony

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