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My name is LUCY JOHNBOSCO, Founder of NGO called Diabetes Consciousness for Community, the NGO deals with raising and spreading Type one Diabetes Awareness I am so Type one Diabetic for 18 now, I am an insulin dependent, am also Radio Presenter working with the most popular and leading Radio Station in Tanzania (CLOUDS FM) and Newspaper Columnist working the the leading newspaper in Tanzania, called MWANANCHI NEWSPAPER, I use both of my media platforms to raise and spreading type one Diabetes Awareness. I have been using my Diabetes experience as a Type One diabetes patient to motivate and inspire others who have lost hope after been. In 2018 l was awarded the certificates of Recognition under Ministry of health, Community development, gender, elderly and children, for what l do for local community living with Type One Diabetes in Tanzania. International good deed day, my NGO was awarded a certificate of recognition certificate for voluntary to Tanzania local community especially in raising Type One Diabetes. I have been working with Tanzania Non-communicable Diseases alliance as my partner Tanzania diabetes association. as the founder of an NGO, that deals with spreading Type One Diabetes Awareness have been volunteering in different local primary and secondary schools to raise Diabetes awareness, organizing community diabetes screening events. I have been working with one of the best diabetes centers in Tanzania called St. Laurent diabetes center, as Diabetes educator and counselor Moreover 2015, l was among the speakers in one of the Diabetes Summit in Tanzania, it was a great experience, in 2018 was also part of the annual meeting of Tanzania pharmaceutical society.


Dar Es Salaam, 23


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just endorsed Lucy Johnbosco for the #WEGOHealthAwards. Check out this #PatientLeader’s Lucy Johnbosco,she is a young Tanzanian lady with Type 1 Diabetes, she have been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 18 years now. Founder of an NGO called Diabetes Conscienceness for Community( DiCoCo),  — Telesphory

Lucy Johnbosco,she is a young Tanzanian lady with Type 1 Diabetes, she have been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 18 years now. Apart from that, she is a journalist, she is working as a radio presenter at Clouds Fm Radio Station and columnist, she produces a radio segment aims to spread Diabetes Awareness and her column on Mwananchi Newspaper  — Lucy

Lucy Johnbosco (DiCoCo)

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