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Behçet's Disease Canada website and Facebook group are essential support resources for people suffering from this rare disease. BDC has initiated a DNA study to find a cure for all of us. They have inspired me to start a support group in my area and it's been great to meet people who suffer from the same disease and face the same issues as me.  — Anne

Behcet’s Canada is a support group put together by Cindy Foster and Tracey Moorley to bring awareness to Behçet’s Disease. Their goal is to make sure no one feels alone!  — Tracey

Behcet’s Canada is always there to support other Patients with whatever their needs are. They go out of their way to make sure that the patients don’t have to deal with their illness alone. They provide information, experience and knowledge that comes from their own dealings personally with Behcet’s. Cindy and Tracey advocate for others  — Janice

Behcet’s Canada

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