Ryan Earl, Ph.D., LMFT (DrMickLive)

Patient Leader

My name is Ryan or "Dr. Mick", and I host [Game] Sessions with a Therapist on Twitch,tv (twitch.tv/drmicklive). I am a licensed couple & family therapist with a PhD in Human Development. I stream myself playing video games while talking with viewers/gamers about various mental health topics through Q&As and dedicated mental health topic nights. I started streaming on Twitch to provide a space where people who share a love for video games can also share and discuss other aspects of their lives - relationships, problems, goals, aspirations - you name it - with each other and with me. I want to provide access to general mental health information and resources to those who are interested in seeking therapy or who just need a place to be heard and not be judged by a warm, inviting community.


Chicago, IL


Advocating for Another Best in Show: Community Best Kept Secret Rookie of the Year

Ryan has a wonderful twitch community where he emphasizes the following message: you matter, your experiences are valid, & don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. He encourages supporting one another, showing both your weakness and strengths, and working towards a better you. He helps viewers improve mental health and find support anywhere.  — Shana

Ryan Earl, Ph.D., LMFT (DrMickLive)

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