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My name is Christa Holmans, I’m an autistic adult. When I was diagnosed autistic at the age of 29, less than 3 years ago, I started a passion project called Neurodivergent Rebel. The blog was a response to all the negativity, gloom, doom, and misinformation about autism on the internet. I don’t think being autistic makes me defective or broken. I believe that I have a different type of mind, that allows me to view the word with unique and fresh perspective. This idea is controversial, because, autistic people also have weaknesses. Despite my difficulties, I LOVE being autistic and would never want to give it up. Follow me to find out how autism isn’t what most people think it is.


Austin, TX


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Christa didn't receive her autism diagnosis until she was an adult. She has made it her mission to advocate for autistic people, both children and adults. She sees a world where neurodiversity is accepted, appreciated and supported. And, she does it all with a positive attitude. Her You Tube videos, blogs, FB and Twitter posts are most supportive.  — Dr. Sharon A.

Christa was one of the first Autistic advocates I connected with when entering into the Autistic Community as a blogger and advocate myself. She is always open, helpful, encouraging and continues to share what her experiences are as a Autistic female to raise a greater understanding into what it's like and what can help.  — Kylie

Christa Holmans - Neurodivergent Rebel

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